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Fast, comfortable extractions at Pellew Dental.


Although extractions are often seen as a last resort, they are a useful, effective treatment to resolve the problems associated with badly decayed teeth. Extractions can also be used to remove extremely crooked or badly placed teeth, improving the appearance of the mouth and allowing the other teeth to move into their correct positions.


If a patient has an infection in the tooth, or (in some cases) if there is a significant risk of infection, a tooth extraction could be required. Pellew Dental is able to carry out extractions on adults and children, providing a rapid, comfortable treatment that’s widely tolerated.


What happens during a dental extraction?

Prior to extraction, diagnostic X-rays will be taken to determine the position of the tooth root and give the dentist other valuable information. Before the extraction takes place, patients are given local anaesthesia. For nervous patients or others for whom dental surgery is a challenge, there is the option of dentistry with sedation.


Does a tooth removal hurt?

Be assured the local anaesthetics used today are 100% effective and it is easy to ensure there is no pain at all when you have an extraction done. The procedure itself is painless, at most there is a sensation of pressure or movement.


After an extraction

Afterwards, there may be some tenderness, but for most patients, over-the-counter painkillers are normally sufficient to relieve any discomfort, and this usually lasts only 1-2 days.


It is best to avoid vigorous exercise the same day as the extraction while a blood clot forms in the socket. You will likely be asked to bite down on some gauze for 20-30 minutes after you leave.


For further information about tooth extraction, book an appointment to find out if extraction is going to be appropriate.

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