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Teeth Whitening

Pellew Dental can perform teeth whitening that will transform your smile.


One of the simplest and yet most effective of cosmetic dental treatments, teeth whitening can make an amazing difference to the look of your smile. Teeth whitening can be achieved in several different ways, it can be done in the surgery with Zoom laser bleaching giving an immediate change, or it can be done with take-home whitening trays.


During Zoom teeth whitening, a laser light is shone on the 25% hydrogen peroxide solution which has been applied to the teeth. The light speeds up the bleaching process, enabling patients to enjoy whiter teeth quickly.


What happens during teeth whitening?

Before commencing treatment, patients need to clean their teeth thoroughly. Prior to the whitening treatment, your dentist will cover your gums, lips and any teeth which are not to be treated with a dental dam to protect them.


This often consists of a gel solution that can be “set” or cured with a laser to form a flexible protective barrier. Once this has been completed, the hydrogen peroxide solution is applied and the laser directed onto it. After about 15 minutes, the solution and dams are removed and the treatment is complete. Patients are usually given follow up treatments, as well as custom-made whitening trays to use at home.


Why is teeth whitening needed?

Hot drinks such as tea or coffee, smoking, old age and illness can all cause teeth to become discoloured. In some cases, individuals have teeth which are naturally a yellowy colour.


Teeth whitening is a fast, safe way of giving your teeth an aesthetically appealing appearance. Patients can usually see a difference after just one treatment, but regular treatments are usually necessary to ensure a consistent improvement.


As a fully qualified and experienced dentist, Dr Jane Pellew is able to provide all the information you need about teeth whitening, as well as offer state of the art technology via Zoom dental bleaching.


Whiter teeth can enhance confidence and make a noticeable difference to your appearance. Book your appointment today!

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