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5 Signs Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed

Many people find that their wisdom teeth erupt with no problem: for others, a variety of complications mean that they cause significant issues. Whether your wisdom teeth are assessed as needing removal as a result of a routine check-up, or discomfort forces you to go to the dentist seeking a solution, here are five signs that your wisdom teeth are probably better off being removed.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Sideways eruption

A healthy, well-positioned wisdom tooth will erupt (sprout) vertically or horizontally, with the biting surface congruent with its opposite number in the opposing jaw line. Unfortunately, a normal placement doesn’t always happen. Wisdom teeth may sprout at an angle, sometimes of considerable severity. Not only does this mean they aren’t fit for purpose, any attempt at biting down on them puts pressure on the side of the tooth and ultimate the gum and underlying jaw tissue. In the medium term this causes discomfort and also increases the chances of subsequent decay.


Because all the other teeth are already in position when the wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) come through, there may not always be room for them to erupt. This means they push on adjacent teeth, or may start to cause unwanted pressure on the gum. Not only can this lead to inflammation and pain, impacted wisdom teeth can also begin to weaken adjacent molars by pushing against them, spoiling their alignment and leading to greater problems as time goes on.


Wisdom teeth are in a position which makes thorough brushing and flossing a challenge. What this means is that it’s easy for plaque to build up, providing the nutrition bacteria need to thrive. As a result, wisdom teeth are particularly prone to decay. This can cause a variety of problems, from bad breath and pain through to gum degeneration and even problems with the jaw bone. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are needed to prevent the issue from getting worse.


Wisdom teeth are big teeth and sometimes there just isn’t room in the mouth for them! Overcrowding can cause other teeth to become misplaced, due to pressure from the wisdom teeth. This can have a knock-on effect on front teeth, causing them to become crooked and often having a bad effect on previous orthodontic treatment. Overcrowding can also cause inflammation, as well as make it harder to keep teeth clean.

Gum, throat and bone infection

If poorly positioned or decayed wisdom teeth remain untreated, individuals are more prone to suffering from gum disease, throat infections or even an infection in the jaw bone. If you notice pain, swelling or an abnormal appearance of any part of the mouth or throat, it’s important to visit your dentist to eliminate wisdom teeth as the cause of the problem.

The best way to avoid problems with wisdom teeth is regular dental check-ups. By reviewing your dental development on a scheduled basis, your dentist can then recommend intervention in a timely manner, if required. Remember, it’s always better to catch problem wisdom teeth early, before the issues they cause become severe.

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