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Root Canals

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Although fillings can be used to fill small holes and gaps in the tooth enamel, in some cases the decay has penetrated through the enamel coat of the tooth, through the dentine and into the pulp, central nerve within the tooth. There the bacteria frequently causes an infection, which results in considerable pain and discomfort for the patient.


In many cases, the best way of managing the problem is to take out the inner pulp of the tooth and replace it with an inert substance, then fill the outer part of the tooth, or apply a crown. By filling the inner part of the tooth, future problems with infection and the resultant pain are avoided. This process is known as a root canal. The alternative is to remove the tooth, but this is not usually recommended.


What happens during a root canal treatment?

Once any infection in the pulp has been successfully treated, the root canal procedure can take place. Normally antibiotics are used to control the infection. Once it has cleared, x rays are taken prior to treatment, to determine the dimensions and position of the root canal(s).


Following local anaesthesia, the dentist will remove the decayed pulp, then gently file the root canal until the hole is large enough to be easily filled. This may take several visits to complete successfully. Once the hole is of an appropriate shape and size to be filled, the inert pulp will be inserted, with a filling or crown placed on top.


Is a root canal painful?

Modern anaesthesia means that the treatment itself is painless. Some people report jaw ache after a treatment, simply due to the length of time their mouth was open during treatment. Pellew Dental also offers sleep dentistry options.

If you have any concerns about a root canal treatment, it’s important to discuss them with Pellew Dental. Often, a root canal can be carried out as dentistry under sedation, where a suitable sedative is administered to make the procedure as relaxing as possible.

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