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Orthodontic Extractions

Pellew Dental – Adelaide practice offering orthodontic extractions.


An orthodontic extraction is performed in exactly the same way as a wisdom tooth extraction, or one that’s needed in order to remove a badly damaged or heavily decayed tooth.


Orthodontic extractions are carried out on healthy teeth which are not in the correct position. Circumstances where an orthodontic extraction might be recommended include:



This may be because someone has a relatively small mouth, a number of teeth have come through simultaneously in a small space or that the teeth are bigger than the jaw is able to accommodate.


Avoiding excessive outward movement

When braces are used to straighten teeth, if they are pushed too far outwards in an attempt to relieve overcrowding, they can become loose. Extraction prior to applying braces can minimise this risk.


Improving the appearance of the row of teeth

A single extraction may make a significant difference to the appearance of the entire jaw.


Teeth that have erupted at an angle or which are erupting under existing teeth

In some patients, the teeth may grow sideways or try to erupt beneath another tooth. These can cause discomfort and eventually lead to compensatory deformity if not corrected.


What can I expect at an orthodontic extraction appointment?

Having conducted the necessary diagnostic testing (including X rays) and a full dentistry assessment, an appointment will be made for the orthodontic extraction. Following local anaesthesia, most orthodontic extractions are very straight forward.


A gauze swab may be applied to minimise post-extraction bleeding. Because the tooth being extracted is healthy, complications are unusual and the extraction process is usually fast and trouble free.


Is an orthodontic extraction right for me?

There are a number of different treatment options for poorly placed teeth: your dentist will recommend you see an orthodontist first to make a suitable course of treatment which has the best chance of getting you the outcomes you’re looking for.


To start the assessment process for orthodontic treatment, or if you think you need an orthodontic extraction, book your appointment today.

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