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Occlusal Rehabilitation

Pellew Dental has experienced dentists that can successfully complete occlusal rehabilitation in North Adelaide.


One of the most challenging courses of dental treatment to complete successfully, occlusal rehabilitation involves altering the upper surface of the tooth, the area which is in contact with the opposite jaw during chewing or biting. The causes of occlusal damage include:


  • decay
  • bruxism (tooth grinding), or wear from erosion
  • an uneven or irregular bite
  • teeth which have an irregular placement or angle.


The aim of occlusal rehabilitation is to alter the vertical dimension of the tooth so that normal, functional jaw movement is restored. Left untreated, worn down teeth can cause the jaw to function abnormally, potentially leading to discomfort, deformity and problems with chewing and biting effectively.


What does occlusal rehabilitation consist of?

Because the reasons for worn teeth are various and wear may not be even, the processes involved in occlusal rehabilitation vary significantly between patients. There are a variety of techniques which may be employed, such as:



When a patient indicates that they are experiencing problems due to occlusal abnormalities, the dentist will complete a full diagnostic assessment, including the use of X-rays, in order to inform future treatment.


Treatment options will be based on a number of variables, including patient wishes, cost, general health, oral health, history of dental treatment and what problems each tooth presents. Once a treatment plan has been agreed, the dentist will set out a suitable timetable for treatment, enabling the work to be completed in an orderly, organised manner.


What are the aims of occlusal rehabilitation?

The aims of occlusal rehabilitation are normally two-fold:


Improve function in order to facilitate biting and chewing within normal parameters, thereby reducing discomfort and allowing normal use, while also improving the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.


Occlusal rehabilitation may require a number of different procedures to be undertaken in order to achieve the desired result. Your dentist is best placed to advise on what’s needed to get your occlusal surfaces in the best possible condition. To start the process of occlusal rehabilitation, book an appointment today.

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