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8 Ways To Keep Your Teeth White

Most people would love to have pearly white teeth! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing (who doesn’t want a gleaming, pristine smile?), white teeth are also considered to be healthy teeth!

The reality for many people is that white teeth are not a naturally attainable ideal. Tooth enamel naturally varies in shade from person to person. Some people are gifted with paler tooth enamel than others, causing their teeth to appear whiter.

White Teeth

Good dental hygiene has no effect on the natural shade of the tooth enamel, meaning a large number of people with healthy teeth and an excellent oral hygiene routine still end up with teeth that appear yellow or even beige.

That said, there is still plenty that can be done to not only ensure the appearance of your teeth doesn’t degenerate, but also to enhance their natural colour. Read on to discover eight ways to help keep your teeth white:

Good Dental Hygiene

Whilst regular brushing and flossing won’t make naturally yellow teeth sparkly white, it will help to prevent them becoming a more unappealing shade. Decay causes teeth to turn brown or black – not a good look!

Don’t Smoke

Tobacco has many unpleasant effects on the appearance, including teeth. Nicotine stains a smoker’s teeth brown. If you smoke, do yourself and your teeth a favour and quit!

Avoid Tea, Coffee & Red Wine

All these beverages can cause tooth staining. If you do have a cup of coffee or similar, try and brush your teeth as soon as possible after you have finished your drink, in order to minimise the risk of staining.

Use a Whitening Mouthwash

Some commercial mouthwashes contain ingredients which may help to improve the whiteness of teeth over time. Bear in mind that the changes may be quite small, so additional interventions such as veneers or professional bleaching may be needed to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Schedule Regular Dental Check-Ups

Occasionally, a discoloured tooth or teeth can be a sign of an underlying dental problem. Your dentist can advise on the appropriate treatment as necessary.

Consider Zoom Bleaching at Pellew Dental

Done under clinical supervision, Pellew Dental can significantly improve the appearance of discoloured teeth, safely. Professional bleaching also includes the provision of maintenance trays which you can use at home. This helps to keep the white effect for longer, although repeat treatments are still necessary over time. Ask Pellew Dental about zoom laser dental bleaching for further information.

Consider Veneers

If your teeth are badly discoloured, particularly if you also have pitting or uneven tooth surfaces, veneers could be the way to transform your smile.

Use a Whitening Toothpaste

In cases of mild tooth discolouration, a whitening toothpaste can make a positive difference when used consistently over time. As regular brushing is also essential to remove unwanted plaque, a whitening toothpaste can be easily incorporated into your regular oral hygiene routine.

By adopting some of the suggestions given above, almost everybody can benefit from whiter, brighter teeth for a gleaming, happy smile!

Pellew Dental in Adelaide specialise in teeth whitening, using the latest technology which will have your teeth brighter than ever. Book an appointment today to have your teeth whitened with Pellew Dental.