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IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry in Adelaide with Pellew Dental.


IV sedation involves the insertion of a slender tube into a vein in the arm or hand, through which tranquilising medication is given by the anaesthetist. The medication has the following effects:


  • Reduces levels of anxiety
  • Reduces awareness of the procedure
  • May cause some people to forget all or some of the procedure
  • Makes people feel sleepy


IV sedation is usually used in conjunction with local anaesthetic, to ensure the patient is completely comfortable and relaxed. The patient is monitored throughout by the anaesthetist and would normally remain in recovery at the surgery for about an hour after the procedure.


IV sedation is recommended for the following:

  • Patients who are unable to tolerate certain parts of the dental process, for example patients who have a phobia of a dental drill or who worry excessively about gagging during dental care.
  • Patients who are having a lengthy or complicated procedure undertaken.
  • Vulnerable patients who have difficulty tolerating dental treatment, for example people who have learning difficulties, autism, ADHD or some forms of mental illness.
  • Patients who suffer from generalised anxiety and who worry that they will be unable to complete the treatment without tranquillisation.


Special precautions for IV sedation

Although the patient remains awake during the procedure and is able to respond to questions and commands made by the dentist, they are less alert than normal. For this reason they need to be accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of their treatment and also to ensure that they get home safely.


Following IV sedation, patients shouldn’t drive, drink alcohol, operate machinery or be left in a responsible position of care until the effects have worn off.


IV sedation is part of a range of sleep dentistry interventions which can be offered to patients in order to make their visit to the dentist more comfortable and to facilitate painless dentistry.


At Pellew Dental, we understand that some patients might end up missing out on vital treatment if not appropriately sedated. That’s why we are pleased to offer an ethical, professional sedation service that can form part of your treatment plan.


To find out more about IV sedation or to request the procedure for your next treatment, book your appointment today.

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