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Pellew Dental offers single and multiple dental implants in North Adelaide.


If you have had a tooth extracted in the past, or need to have one and would like an alternative to a gap, have you considered a dental implant? Dental implants are a fantastic advancement in dentistry which allows us to replace missing teeth with a titanium screw which then has a natural looking porcelain tooth attached to it.


Dental implants have been around since the 1970’s but in the last 10 years the technology has improved so much that they are now considered a minor procedure with 97% success rates, and minimal postoperative pain.


Once in place, an implant is virtually indistinguishable from the other teeth in the mouth. In addition, as soon as the implant has healed, it can be cleaned and cared for in the same way as a natural tooth. The great advantage of a dental implant as opposed to a conventional bridge is that they don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for stability.


What does a single implant treatment consist of?

The initial phase of implant treatment consists of diagnostic and assessment processes in order to establish whether an implant is going to be most appropriate treatment plan.


As part of this process, the dentist normally takes x-rays in order to get information on the quality and quantity of jawbone available. This may be in the form of just a small intraoral x-ray, or a whole mouth x-ray via the OPG or in some cases a cone beam scan is required. This will be arranged at your consultation appointment.


Once we have a plan you will generally have a one hour appointment to have the placement of the titanium implant screw. This is a minor surgical procedure which is easily done with just local anaesthetic, but can also be done with sedation dentistry methods if preferred. Most people recover very quickly, finding it only to be sore that day, and with no swelling.


In most cases the implant screw is left to heal under the gum for approximately 3 months before the porcelain tooth is made. In some cases though a tooth can be extracted and an implant placed immediately.


At Pellew Dental we only use the world’s best implant brands including Nobel Biocare and Straumann.


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