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How Often You Should Visit the Dentist

A regular check-up has many benefits. Most people are aware of the importance of regular dental check-ups. Not only does a check-up provide the dentist with an opportunity to detect any early signs of decay, which may require intervention, scheduled check-ups can also be used as an opportunity to provide the following:

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Observation and review of dental development – For example checking whether teeth are erupting normally and whether the placement is likely to be problematic. If issues are found, early intervention can be initiated, minimising the risk of a more serious problem developing.

Checking gums, tongue and the oral cavity for signs of disease – In some cases, serious issues may begin as painless changes in the appearance of the skin or tissue. These can often be overlooked or ignored by patients. A check-up is a good opportunity for a skilled professional to detect any issues, then monitor, treat, or refer elsewhere as required.

Providing a chance to assess levels of oral hygiene and suggest supplementary tools or techniques to ensure correct flossing and brushing. A follow-up appointment with a dental hygienist for additional cleaning may also be recommended.

How often should I schedule a check-up?

The right frequency for check-ups varies depending on the individual. Factors such as age, on-going dental problems, overall health, changes in lifestyle and genetics can all affect when a check-up should be scheduled.

The best person to advise on when you should have your next check-up is your dentist. They will be able to tailor your check-up schedule to suit your individual requirements. The time recommended between check-ups may vary depending on your state of oral health at your last check-up.

Your dentist may recommend a check-up anything between three months and two years from your last visit, depending on the health of your teeth, gums and oral cavity. As a general rule, researchers suggest every six months, but there is considerable room for variation within this.

I haven’t been to the dentist for a while. Should I schedule a check-up?

Although many people worry about visiting the dentist if they have failed to attend check-ups in the past, it’s never too late to start putting your oral health first. Modern dentistry is fast and comfortable, and can even be pain free.

Your dentist will do everything possible to put you at ease. If you are particularly apprehensive about attending a check-up, call Pellew Dental and ask about the possibility of sedation (sleep dentistry) to make the experience less traumatic. Try not to wait until problems arise before visiting your dentist: schedule your routine check-up now and have your future appointments scheduled in.

If you need a checkup, Pellew Dental is a state of the art Adelaide dental clinic. Book your appointment today.