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Emergency Dentistry

Pellew Dental can provide emergency dental treatment in North Adelaide.


Although most treatment can be carried out through scheduled appointments, there are sometimes circumstances where fast intervention is needed.


There are many reasons why an emergency dental care appointment may be needed: what constitutes an emergency for one person may not for someone else. Common reasons for an emergency (out-of-hours) consultation being required include:


  • Dental pain which isn’t controllable through the use of over-the-counter painkillers
  • Serious infections


Not all emergency dental conditions are best treated by the dentist: if severe jaw trauma has been sustained, perhaps through an accident or fall, or a patient is bleeding uncontrollably (haemorrhaging) from the teeth or gums, then immediate attention by paramedics or at the nearest hospital or GP is required.


What sort of emergency treatment can I receive?

In most cases, the aim of the emergency treatment will be to manage pain or infection. This would usually involve some kind of treatment for the tooth involved as well prescription of antibiotics or painkillers if required.


Usually, a scheduled follow-up appointment will be needed to check progress and potentially commence a course of treatment to achieve long-term resolution of the problem.


What happens when I call for emergency treatment?

Patients requiring same day appointments for emergency treatments can obtain them by calling the practice on (08) 8267 4067. We have emergency appointment spots available everyday.


If pain or infection worsens early in the evening, or it looks as if waiting until the next working day is going to be impossible, the dentist may open the surgery specifically to treat an individual.


If you suspect that your dental pain is getting worse, or that you have an infection starting, prompt treatment can prevent your condition from deteriorating.

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