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Mouth Guards

High-grade dental Mouth Guards from Pellew Dental.


A must for any sporting or recreational pastime where there is a risk of a blow to the face, mouth guards can also be used to minimise the damage caused by bruxism (repeated teeth clenching or grinding).


Mouth guards are U-shaped troughs constructed of synthetic material which are normally customised to fit. There are a number of different mouth guard options, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Discussed below are the two main mouth guard choices, ready made or custom built by your dentist.


Ready made mouth guards

These are typically available in sports shops and are used during rugby, football and similar games. Some are made from rigid plastic and are already pre-formed into a suitable shape (stock mouth guards). Others are made from thermoplastic.


Known as boil-and-bite mouth guards, the guard is heated in hot water, then bitten into in order to form an accurate impression of the wearer’s teeth prior to use. However, ready made guards do not provide the level of fit or protection that a custom-made item can provide.


If you regularly wear a mouth guard, or need to wear one for long periods of time, a custom option is probably going to be best.

A custom mouth guard from your dentist

Custom mouth guards are made from heat-cured acrylic resin. If you opt for a custom mouth guard, your dentist will not only make sure that the appliance is made to meet your specific requirements, they will also check that it fits correctly.


Periodic monitoring ensures early detection of any chafing and also enables the dentist to modify the guard if necessary. Poorly fitting mouth guards can cause soreness and even the formation of ulcers, so a guard that’s specifically made to match the contours of your mouth by a dental professional is frequently a wise investment.


If you want to protect your teeth and gums from unwanted trauma, a dental mouth guard from our Adelaide surgery could be the perfect solution.

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