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Implant Bridges

Pellew Dental – Adelaide dental surgery providing implant bridges.


Dental implant bridges are used to provide a solution to the gap left when two or three adjacent teeth are lost. Traditionally a denture or a bridge would have been made to restore function or aesthetics. A conventional bridge involves crowning both of the teeth adjacent to the gap and replacing the missing one in between. This is quite destructive to the neighboring teeth as a lot of tooth structure has to be removed to make room for the crowns, even if the teeth are sound. And of course it goes without saying most people would prefer not to have the other traditional option which is a denture.


A more modern, effective, and less destructive solution is an implant bridge. One or two titanium dental implants are placed which can support the new teeth instead of using your adjacent teeth.


What is the procedure for an implant bridge?

The procedure for an implant bridge is very similar to that of a single dental implant. You would require a consultation, assessment and x-rays, and then the appointment to place the implants. In most cases this would still only require a 1 hour minor surgical procedure.


Is an implant bridge right for me?


Pellew Dental can complete all the necessary assessment and consultation work to determine if an implant bridge will be suitable. Book your GAP FREE consultation appointment today.

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