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Crown In An Hour

Crown in an hour at Pellew Dental – Adelaide dental clinic.


There are many reasons why patients are reluctant to complete the multiple visits required for fitting a crown in the traditional manner; whether it’s problems finding the time to keep several appointments, apprehension about visiting the dentist or a lack of patience with a lengthy procedure, there are numerous barriers to accessing and completing a traditional crown treatment.


The “crown in an hour” service which Pellew Dental offers overcomes these difficulties easily, allowing patients to have their new, permanent crown constructed and fitted in a single, hour-long appointment.


What happens at the “crown in an hour” appointment?

During your appointment, following an agreement that a crown is the most appropriate treatment and a local anaesthetic, the dentist will prepare the crown site for the new crown. A scan is taken with an intraoral camera of all of your teeth including the tooth having the crown. These are interpreted using the CEREC CAD/CAM computer technology, which is then employed to convert the images into a crown. The CAD/CAM machinery will literally build a crown, layer upon layer, which is tailored to match your individual tooth contours.


Once the construction process is complete, the dentist will then cement the crown in place and your treatment is complete. The entire process can be completed in less than an hour, hence the “crown in an hour” claim.


Is “crown in an hour” suitable for all crowns?

Any type of crown can be made using CAD/CAM technology. In many ways it is preferable to traditional crown construction methods, as it is more comfortable for the patient than taking moulds or the use of temporary crowns.


In most cases patients can benefit from a “crown in an hour” treatment. Your dentist is best placed to advise on whether this procedure is going to be appropriate for your individual needs.


To make a crown in day consultation appointment, or for further information, book an appointment today with Pellew Dental.

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