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Crown & Bridge

Crown & bridge treatments from an Adelaide dental practice.


Pellew Dental has extensive experience in completing crown & bridge treatments of many different types, including CEREC ceramic restoration or “crown in a day” – one visit dentistry.


Crowns and bridges are two different types of treatment which can totally transform both the appearance of your teeth and your ability to bite and chew.


Crowns – a new cap for your tooth

A crown completely covers what’s left of a tooth, replacing tooth structure with a strong and inert material. Crowns can be used to treat badly decayed teeth which require extensive remodelling, but which are still viable. Crowns also can be used to protect teeth from cracking, build up a worn dentition, or just for aesthetics.


Crowns can be made of gold, porcelain, resin or ceramic. Your dentist will discuss with you which option is likely to be right for you. At Pellew Dental, you can expect to enjoy the choice of CEREC crown replacement.


CEREC is an innovative technique which uses CAD/CAM (computer design) technology to create a digital picture of the crown’s dimensions, based on pictures of the cavity to be filled. Using the digital picture, the crown is constructed by the CEREC machine then and there, so there’s no need to take impressions and send them away to a lab to make the crown. You can even watch the CEREC machine make your crown!


Bridges can restore your bite as well as provide aesthetic appeal. This might be needed when a tooth can’t be saved and has to be extracted, leaving a gap.


A bridge is designed to replace a tooth by placing a crown on the two adjacent teeth then have them all bonded together. Bridge are also tooth coloured and restore both function and aesthetics.


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