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CEREC One Visit Dentistry

Traditionally, small cavities in teeth were filled with silver coloured amalgam. Although this provided a durable, functional solution, patients are left with teeth which have clearly been filled.


If the biting surface of the tooth was badly worn or decayed, patients needed a crown. A crown often required two or three treatment visits in order to be completed – moulds had to be taken and sent away so that a custom crown could be constructed – a time consuming process.


CEREC One Visit dentistry offers a fast, aesthetically pleasing alternative, using CAD/CAM dental technology to deliver a ceramic filling which is an attractive natural tooth colour.

CAD/CAM Milling

Rather than impressions being taken and sent away so that a suitable crown can be constructed, CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology: a digital impression of the tooth is taken using a camera, which is then fed into a computer that guides the construction of the required item.


This ensures an individualised, accurate fit, but can also be extremely quick to complete. In most cases patients can walk out with their new, permanent crown in place after just one visit, when CEREC is utilised. Learn more about CEREC CAD/CAM Milling Dentistry.


Crown in an Hour

Using CEREC, Pellew Dental is often able to prepare the crown site, create the crown and fit it in just an hour! Learn more about how we can perform a crown in an hour for you.

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