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CAD/CAM Milling

Pellew Dental – Adelaide dentist offering CAD/CAM milling dental for top-quality results.


Although the term is more commonly used in an engineering environment, CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing) is now commonplace at state-of-the-art dental practices. Frequently used as part of the CEREC system, CAD/CAM allows dental professionals to construct crowns, bridges, veneers and similar dental appliances and aids in-house, using cutting-edge computer technology.


How does CAD/CAM milling work?

Traditionally, if a patient needed a fresh crown or veneers, the dentist would take moulds of the teeth to be treated. These would be sent away to a lab, where technicians would painstakingly construct customised items from the moulds. CAD/CAM dramatically reduces the time this process now takes, as well as providing appliances which are far more accurate than previously.


When a patient needs a new crown, for example, a camera is used to take pictures of the area in which the construction will be fixed. Computer technology is able to convert the pictures into a 3-D image, which can then be built through a computer programme, using minutely controlled layers of the material which forms the crown.


Using this technology, a new crown can be ready in literally minutes! Fast, accurate and relatively easy to operate, CAD/CAM dental technology has transformed many dental procedures for the better.


What are the advantages of CAD/CAM milling?

Research has indicated that crowns and similar fixtures made using CAD/CAM milling are stronger and more durable than those made using other forms of milling.


CAD/CAM milling is much faster than more traditional forms of milling – ideal for patients that need a swift resolution to their dental issues.


There is no need for a patient to return for repeat appointments.


Patients do not need temporary crowns or similar while they are waiting for their permanent fixtures to be constructed.


Enjoy the benefits of dental fixtures made using the latest CAD/CAM dental technology with Pellew Dental. Book an appointment today to discuss your options.

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